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Sound Design Credits

Rihanna - Fading


Black Eyed Peas - One Tribe

"One Tribe"

Timbaland - Shock Value

"Marching On"

Macklemore - make the money

"Make the Money"

Scott Storch

"Official VST Plugin"

Phantogram - You're Mine

"You're Mine"

Loops and Samples

THALOOPS samples, loops and vst instruments are created by professionals to ensure producers of Hip Hop, Trap, Boom Bap, Pop have the same sources as their heroes. Start making extraordinary beats!

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Dj-Lethal Testimonial

"I just downloaded dope loops from!"

- DJ Lethal
(Limp Bizkit, House of Pain)

Larry Live

"I'm Larry Live from Timbaland productions, just wanna say - your loops are crazy!"

- Larry Live
(A&R Timbaland productions)

Mick Schultz

"I have a ton of your drums and samples. Great inspiration and some really unique stuff!"

- Mick Schultz
( Producer for Jeremih, Rihanna, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Zendaya)

Music Radar

"Classical Trap Loops got those fat subs and sick snares - this sample pack will blow your mind!"

- Tim Cant

Sounds and Gear

"I’m diggin what I hear, "Vinyl Shots 1" is a perfect library for those who like to inject a lil dirt into our music."

- Saint Joe

Jack D. Eliot

"I am already using your loopson tracks I am producing for Diane Warren!""

- Jack D.Eliot
(Kelly Rowland, Diane Warren, Britney Spears)

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