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Ethnik Stingz 1 – a pack of live ethnic instruments loops Loop set of 5 ethnic music instruments containing over 380 original ethnic hip hop themes. That is a multitude of melodies, hooks, riffs and licks played by instruments from tha ethnic music world. Loops are modeled in the style of producers like Timbaland, Danjahandz, Neptunes, Scott Storch, Dre and more.

Tempos and Instruments:

Instruments used in “Ethnik Stringz 1” include Sitar from India, Oud from Middle East, Chinese Ruan, Pakistanian Bul Bul Tarang and Cumbus from Turkey. Loop set is organized into 4 popular music industry tempos: 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm and 102bpm. Each instruments’ group of loops includes 4 tempos and 4 key signatures.

All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

Loop files name’s example:

Full stereo-mix loops naming example:

“Bul Bul Tarang loop nr.1” =087bpm_BTARANG_A_01.wav
“Ruan loop nr.1” = 087bpm_RUAN_A_01.wav
“Cumbus loop nr.1” = 087bpm_CUMBUS_A_01.wav
“Sitar loop nr.1” = 087bpm_SITAR_A_01.wav
“Oud loop nr.1” = 087bpm_OUD_A_01.wav

*letter A – indicates the key signature.

All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

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