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100’s of the best one-shot samples by ThaLoops.

Flagship One-shots

We’ve gathered our melodic one shot samples that has been used by celebrity producers (e.g. Diplo, Skrillex, Scott Storch) into one offer. All ‘Vinyl Shots, ‘Ethnic Voices’ and ‘Ethnic Shots’ sample packs – bundled up!

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Ethnic Voices

These vocal samples are very versatile – a blend of modern and traditional sounds. These sounds are playful, modern, powerful. You’ll find vocals performed in an unique chest resonating technique. Samples have been programmed into presets for catchy hook creation.

Vinyl Shots

Warm analog vinyl sounds. Dirty, gritty samples collection for RnB, Hip-hop and Pop music production. The sound set includes sounds in the style of Timbaland, Danja, Kanye West, The Neptunes, matching the sequencing style of the legendary producers. All themes were composed by using various live instrument recordings, such as violin, cello, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, flute, strings, choir, trombone, saxophone to name a few. Programmed sample chops across the keyboard makes it easy to create ideas, never heard before. Use the vinyl samples and create catchy grooves, easy.

Ethnic Hip Hop Shots

Straight from the ThaLoops’ secret vault. This is a vast collection of rare, ethnic instrument samples that you can use to make groovy ethnic hip hop beats. The same resources that we designed for the legendary producer Scott Storch, now also available for you!

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Check out various song productions using samples from the Flagship One-shots Bundle. Apple’s Homepod commercial, “Elastic Heart” by SIA and others.

Save BIG with our Faglship One-shots Bundle.

$62 $31

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