Inspired by the productions of Drake, Future & Timbo.

Hip Hop Melodies bundle


ThaLoops 2kx21 Melody Loops

2k21 HIP HOP Loops

VALUE: $20


2k21 hip hop melody loop collection perfectly depicts what ThaLoops’ sound design is about. We are always walking the thin, paradoxical line experimenting in the extremes of the sound design.

As a result of breaking the urban music genre’s boundaries 2k21 Melody Pack offers fresh melodic loop content for your productions. We took the elements from today’s hip hop and created 20 inspiring musical themes. Music instruments such as guitar, analog synths, 808 bass, pad keys, organ, sitar, flutes, bouzouki, swarmandal, ghucin cello, viola, violin, grand piano, brass, orchestra as well as choir samples are featured in 2k21 melody compositions.

All separate wav and midi instrument loops are provided.

2k21 Melody Loops details:

  • 20 Compositions
  • 127 Wav Loops
  • 60 Midi Loops
  • 100% royalty free
  • Size: 620.2 MB
M05 139bpm Fmin
M06 140bpm Emin
M07 148bpm A
M14 144bpm G#min
Glow Hip Hop Loops


VALUE: $15


Elevate your tracks with these rustic Hip Hop melodies inspired by multiplatinum beat makers. Start producing with a collection of soulful chord progressions and sounds of classical pieces from the 18th century. Immerse yourself in a scope of sound textures and acoustics of pianos and violins recorded in a concert hall that is over 200 years old!

Glow Hip Hop loops are so versatile they can be used for intro, bridge or hook parts. All loops are made from the recordings of classical pieces played by piano and violin. 35 melodic themes designed to bring depth and dimension to your tracks.

Glow Hip Hop Loops details:

  • 35 melodic loops and chord progressions
  • True sound of old & authentic records
  • 100% royalty free
  • Size: 104 MB


VALUE: $10

808 samples that cut through them mix.

We designed 21 unique 808 bass samples by using a Moog synth as a source sound. These 808 samples are blended and layered it with various organic recordings. For example, we treated cello as if it was a percussion instrument and used those initial hit sounds to add the organic punch for the 808 samples. All samples are tagged with a key so you can load them into your favourite sampler and create catchy basslines!

Quake 808 Samples details:

  • 21 Samples
  • 100% royalty free
  • Total size: 11.8 MB
ThaLoops - Quake Bass 18 - C
ThaLoops - Quake Bass 10 - F#
ThaLoops - Quake Bass 17 - C
ThaLoops - Quake Bass 3 - C

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Hip Hop Melodies bundle