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Hip Hop Producer Dream Set

$114  $39

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Modern Producer Set Includes:

6 HQ Sample Packs developed by professional sound designers.

credits: Scott Storch, Timbaland, DJ-Lethal, Pollow da Don

Post Malone style Loops

Sample Pack #1

reg. $19

G-Wagon Loops

Bass heavy and loud Hip Hop loop pack. Inspired by the likes of Post Malone, Kanye West, Timbaland and Scott Storch. This pack includes loops to help music producers elevate their productions to the top charting beats quality. Featuring cutting through drums, deep 808’s, vocal samples, beatboxing Timbo style sounds, analog synths and more.

The loop pack contains five Construction Kits in total. All loops have been processed using professional gear and techniques that came along with an experience of providing sounds for the legendary Scott Storch himself!

Listen to the demo beat. Every sound you hear in the demo is provided as a separate loop. Take the kick loop or synth loop and easily elevate your own production to the chart hitting level.

Brass Loops for Hip Hop and Trap

Sample Pack #2

reg. $25

Brass Empire

10 bass heavy construction kits with a focus on the powerful sound of brass instruments with an aim to make a paramount extension to every music producer’s library.

Over 370 MB of construction style loops cover tempo ranges from 140-155 BPM. Each construction kit theme includes four bar long loops musically designed into A and B parts. A part as a main beat and the B part as a variation, for example a drum break or a musical build-up. Separate kick, snare, percussion, synth, brass, sound effects, drum full mix and more files are available.

Lil 808 Beats Loops for Hip Hop

Sample Pack #3

reg. $15

Lil 808 Beats

Lil 808 Beats delivers a collection of 114 original 24-Bit Wav loops for hip-hop production focusing on huge, driven 808 sounds. Featuring 5 Construction Kits themes that work seamlessly in styles that need high quality cutting through 808 sounds.

Processed 808 loops, eerie pianos, dreamy pads, brass and synth sounds, separate drum loop tracks and more musical elements that can be heard in the demo track are included in the pack.

Trap Loops inspired by Classical Music

Sample Pack #4

reg. price $15

Classical Trap Loops

Download Classical Trap Loops Vol.1 – back to the future trap loops! Packed with 201 loops and 8 special fx delivered in WAV/REX2/AIFF formats (593 files, 855MB total). Inspired by the best melodies from the classical music composers such as P.I.Tchaikovsky, L.V.Beethoven, E.Grieg, S.Prokofiev and C.Orff – we proudly present “Classical Trap Loops” volume 1.

The Loop-set Includes 5 trap instruments (synths, brass, guitar, old piano…) loop themes and 5 trap drum loop themes, all provided with a multi-track construction style files.

The trap loop library was recorded stylistically matching productions of Kanye West, Lex Luger, Jay-z & Timbaland. All loops are produced at 140BPM tempo – the standard of all bouncy trap beats. Use every instrument individual loops to arrange your own beats with the classical melodies renowned worldwide.

Themes inspired by:

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – “Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy”
Ludwig Van Beethoven – “Symphony No. 5”
Edvard Grieg – “In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt)”
Sergei Prokofiev – “Dance of the Knights”
Carl Orff – “O Fortuna”

Kings Beats Hip Hop Loops

Sample Pack #5

reg. price $15

King’s Beats

King’s Beats is a collection of professionally composed six construction style hip-hop beats including loops and samples designed from scratch. All kits are inspired by today’s trendiest Hip-Hop & Trap artists such as Drake, Desiigner, Kanye West, Schollboy Q, French Montana and more.

Over 490 MB of loops and samples covering the tempo range from 85 BPM to 145 BPM. Each construction kit includes eight bar long loops. Mix them easily together to build catchy hip-hop hooks. Depending on the theme, extra variation loops are provided to fit the verse or break parts of the theme. We made sure every sound is provided as a separate multi-track loop file to give the user artistic freedom of creating their own gems.

Also, we prepared a ‘King’s Beats Elementz’ folder with one shot sample exports of kicks, snares, vocals, sound effects and more. Get to the beat making by using the snares, kicks, sound effects and more cool sounds from our collection.

Urban Music Loops

Sample Pack #6

reg. price $25

Urban Music Loops

The massive collection of loops for urban music production. Including over 330 loops of grooving drum loops, raw synths, piano progressions, timbo style sound effects and more. All fifteen (15) original urban music beats are perfectly crafted and built from A to Z into a full production construction kit. The beats feature the main solo instrument representing it’s own color of sound. The list of instruments includes: Cello, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric 5-string bass, Grand Piano and Saxophone.

The fully produced and mixed multi-track beats are provided in construction style format. The separated loops are provided at the original volume level of the full-mix composition and matches the production of the demos. Each loop file is tagged with a suffix A,B,C,D… pointing to the original part of the composition the loop belongs to (e.g Bass-A.wav, Drums-A.wav Synth-A.wav belong to one group).

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