Synth Loops and Samples

Step into a world of sonic innovation with our Synth Samples and Loops collection, designed for the forward-thinking beat maker. This library is packed with a diverse range of synth sounds, from classic analog warmth to futuristic digital textures. Ideal for producers looking to push the boundaries, these samples and loops offer everything from pulsating basslines to ethereal pads, empowering you to create music that resonates with the ever-evolving electronic and pop landscapes.

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  • Gorilla Breakbeatz

    Gorilla Breakbeatz – VST/AU live drum plu...

  • Digital Tears Synth Loops

    Download synth melody loops modeled in the styl...

  • Dreakstatic Loops

    Loops and samples inspired by Drake. Hard hitti...

    $6 $11.99
  • Alien 808 Samples

    Experimental free 808 samples. Made by Aliens.<

    Original price was: $8.Current price is: $0.
  • Juicy Loops

    Juice wrld sample pack free download. Premium l...

    Original price was: $8.Current price is: $0.
  • Viper Loops

    Your stash of Melody Loops and Construction Kit...

    $5 $9.99
  • Orion Loops

    Nostalgic melody vibes for hip hop and trap bea...

    $5 $9.99
  • Astral Scape

    comprehensive collection of trap loops inspired...

    $6 $11.99
  • Heatwaves Loops

    Immerse yourself in the rich, retro universe of...

    $6 $11.99
  • Studio VST

    Instrument plugin featuring original sounds for...

    $12.50 $24.99
  • Foundation RnB Loops

    Loops inspired by production style of Beyoncé,...

    $10 $19.99
  • Ethnic Voices

    Multi-genre vocal instrument for KONTAKT. Play ...

    $12.50 $24.99
  • Timbalistic Loops Vol.5

    The fifth rendition of the Timbalistic Hip Hop ...

    $8 $15.99
  • Glow Hip Hop Loops

    Rustic, underwater sounding loops to ignite you...

    $6 $11.99
  • 2k21 Melody Loops

    Hip-hop Melody loop collection – the para...

    $10 $19.99
  • Omnia Ultimate Bundle

    Our biggest Hip-hop, Trap and RnB production su...

    Original price was: $882.Current price is: $99.
  • Vibez Hip Hop Loops

    Construction style sample pack inspired by the ...

    $6 $11.99
  • Future Keys Loops

    RnB melodies and chord loops soaked in Billboar...

    $6 $11.99
  • Crate Resonance Loops

    Unique melody loops synthesised from a blend of...

    $5 $9.99
  • Míol Mór Strings

    Avant-garde sound of mesmerizing bowed strings ...

    $6 $11.99
  • G-Wagon Beats

    Inspired by the likes of Post Malone, Kanye Wes...

    $6 $11.99
  • Timbalistic Loops Vol.3

    Loops and samples inspired by Timbaland product...

    $8 $15.99
  • Tensegrity EDM Sample Pack

    Hard-hitting kicks, snares, chord melodies, bui...

    $6 $11.99
  • LiL 808 Beats

    Construction kits inspired by Lil Pump . Drums,...

    $6 $11.99
  • Best Beware Loops

    Acoustic multi-layered drum beats, analog proce...

    $8 $15.99
  • Brass Empire Music Loops

    Construction kits with a focus on the powerful ...

    $10 $19.99
  • Timbalistic Loops Vol.4

    The fourth rendition in ThaLoops’ Timbali...

    $8 $15.99
  • Mad Chemist EDM Loops

    EDM construction style beats with kicks, snares...

    $6 $11.99
  • Timbalistic Loops Vol.1

    Timbaland type beats pack, includes loops and s...

    $10 $19.99
  • King’s Beats Hip Hop Loops

    Drake Samples and more: Dive into King’s Beat...

    $6 $11.99
  • Urban Music Loops

    Grooving drum loops, raw synths, piano progress...

    $10 $19.99
  • Timbalistic Loops Vol.2

    Timbaland Beats: Explore our construction loop ...

    $10 $19.99
  • Classical Trap Loops 1

    Back to the future trap loops! Inspired by the ...

    $6 $11.99
  • Wicked Loops

    $6 $11.99
  • Indian Loops

    Ethnic construction style loop library: featuri...

    $6 $11.99

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