What is and Audio Signal Chain?

Audio signal chain is a route that the sound takes from the recording place to the track in your DAW.


Nowadays, a most common signal chain would start with the mic, then a cable that goes into your sound card preamp. Afterwards the signal will be converted into the digital data and transferred to your DAW’s track. Every step of the signal chain will affect the “hygiene” of the recording.

Here are 4 things we think you should be craving in order to get transparent and clean recordings.:

1. High quality, shielded cables.
2. Microphone makes a huge difference. If low on budget, think about renting a good mic for your vocal sessions.
3. Class-A preamp.
4. Class-a AD/DA converter.

If you’re on a tight budget, an audio interface starting at 200$ (check out the brands like Presonus, RME, UAD on eBay) will do a decent preamp and analog to digital conversion job, too!

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