What is a standing wave?

Imagine…somewhere in Czechia, city of Prague, a glass of beer is being furiously put on the table by a bartender in a pub. In the middle of the glass you can see the standing beer waves forming and some of it spills out on the table. Similar thing happens in your studio room with audio waves. Depending on the frequency and amplitude of the sound source, your room will produce standing waves. They might sound like ringing or for example some of your sub bass notes will blatantly stand out.


So, if you are pro-minded, acoustic panels to treat your room is a must. There are many effective DIY possibilities if you are low on budget. Standing waves can’ t be treated with software, so you have to learn your rooms’ acoustics. Use a free Room EQ Wizard software. Their room simulation mode will help you tackle the standing waves obstacle and learn about the acoustics of your room!

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