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ThaLoops team presents it’s first virtual multi-sample Kontakt and SoundFont instrument – Grand Piano B211, an affordable class-a quality piano sound for professional music productions. Whether you are producing hip-hop, RnB, pop, rock or love to play classical pieces on piano – ThaLoops Grand Piano has been providing the standard piano sound for musicians around the world.

ThaLoops Grand Piano samples were recorded in a world class studio in Europe using the top quality microphones such as legendary AKG C12, Brauner Valvet and Neumann U-87 placed in an acoustically precise room in order to obtain the genuine piano sonics. ThaLoops team has succeeded in recording the deep, warm, powerful sound of the Grand Piano.


The goal of our team was to provide a highly realistic instrument sound experience while making sure the data size would not be a burden to the user’s memory space. 5 velocity layers per note of almost 3.5 GB individual 24-bit samples were recorded and designed into “Close Sound” and “Distant Sound” presets with meticulous precision. As an extra, our team also developed the Hip Hop Baby Piano preset for lead melodies great for hip-hop productions.


KONTAKT (FULL RETAIL VERSION 4.3 +) All samples are in 24-bit .wav format.
SOUNDFONT .SF2 16-bit.

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