Browse ThaLoops hip hop, trap & edm vocal samples. Find the vocal pack that will make your beats stand out.  Check out our ethnic vocals, chants, and phrases sample pack series “Ethnic Voices”. These recordings of the unique authentic traditional russian female singing technique are set to add emotional colour to your productions. You can try it out for free! Download our free vocal samples pack. This free vocal pack includes samples that Diplo used in his productions!

Why using vocal samples in your productions is beneficial

Wether you produce hip hop, trap, pop or edm tracks, vocals will be always your secret ingredient to keep your listener interested. Humans have been using verbal communication for thousands of years. So we are naturally evolved to react to human voice.

Using vocals is the easiest way to project emotion through your beats. For example, add an adlib before your hook. Or you can use a chant for your intro. Also you can make a repetitive catchy phrase to use throughout the beat (e.g Amili by Lil Wayne, Elastic Heart by SIA)

The benefit of adding these types of elements will keep your listener interested throughout the beat. And it’s the easiest way, because humans are prone to pay attention to the human voice.


The sample packs below include one-shot samples, loops or both types of audio in one pack. All files key labeled and ready for use in any DAW (Fruity loops, Magix Acid Pro, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Studio One)

  • Flagship One Shots Bundle

  • Ethnic Voices 4

  • Pardon My French

  • Ethnic Voices Bundle

  • Ethnic Voices 3

  • Vocal Samples

  • Ethnic Voices 2

  • Ethnic Voices 1