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Electric Guitar Shots

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Electric Guitar Shots – a classic combination of VOX pre-amp and Fender electric guitar sound samples for riffing and melodic improvisation. Professional musician with academic grade took his time to record a world-class performance in the style of Neptunes, Danjahandz and Timbaland.

Shot set is organized into 2 folders: “Fender Telecaster Instrument” with presets ready for sequencing and “Fender Telecaster Riffs” including shot samples of chord progressions/guitar solo in C, E,F, G minor keys. Samples are divided into “clean” and “dirty” sound. See the table below for the Shot set naming reference.

Instrument presets

“L_cl”- Long clean sound “L_dt”- Long dirty sound

“L_cl”- Long clean sound “L_dt”- Long dirty sound


“Cm_cl”- C-minor clean sound riffs

“Cm_cl”- C-minor dirty (distortion) sound riffs