ThaLoops is a leading provider of trend-setting and unique sounds for hip hop, rnb, edm and pop music production.


Sia – “Elastic Heart”
ThaLoops libraries were used for Sia’s “Elastic Heart” main vocal loop.

Skrillex & Diplo ft. Aluna George – “To Ü”
ThaLoops libraries were used for “To Ü” vinyl brass loop produced by Skrillex & Diplo.

Richard Cherenkov

Hello, I’m Richard Cherenkov.
Music producer, sound designer and owner of thaLoops.

I have been making Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and EDM loops and samples for singer/songwriters and music producers for over 15 years now.

Feeling blessed to have made loops and samples that ended up in various top music productions. My favourite so far is ethnic voices in SIA’s “Elastic Heart”.

High-quality sound is at the core.

At thaLoops our products are based on high-quality recordings. We record our source audio materials in world class studios, using the top notch gear.

Sound Design Credits

Scott Storch,
Diplo & Skrillex,
Mick Schultz,
Fred Rister
and Rihanna,
among others

At Mick Schultz Studio

At Mick Schultz studio. LA, California.

Richard Cherenkov

Loops and samples to spark your inspiration.

…thaLoops mission is to spark an instant inspiration with sound resources tailored for singer/songwriters, composers and music producers worldwide.

We design the most unique samples, loops and virtual instruments on the market that will inspire you to create.

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Scott Storch

“thaLoops ethnic sound libraries were used for Scott Storch VST”

– Scott Storch (Grammy winning, multi-platinum producer)

Dj Lethal

“I’ve just downloaded dope hip hop samples from thaLoops!”

– DJ Lethal (House of Pain / Limp Bizkit)

Mick Schultz

“Great inspiration and some really unique stuff!”

– Mick Schultz (Multi platinum producer)

Gilde Flores

“Some of the greatest sounds you can find for your productions!”

– Gilflo Productions (Timbaland)

Kelvin Galloza

“Templetone VST is a must have for any producer, MY GOSH the 808s sound good!”

– Kelvin Galloza (Batman v Superman / Spider-Man Far From Home / Classroom 6)

Larry Live and Timbaland

“Your beats are Crazy!”

– Larry L. A&R for Timbaland

“I’m diggin’ what I hear! I give “Vinyl Shots 1” 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a really useful and creative library that can spark multiple ideas.”

– Saint Joe (

“Sample packs that will blow you mind (and then sample it)”

– Tim Cant (

Gill Chang

“The samples that thaLoops makes are quite different and unique!”

– Gill Chang (