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We are a sound design company with over ten years of experience in hip hop loops, samples and music production. We are meticulous about sound design in terms of both technical performance and style. That allows our loops and samples to be in line with what can be heard on the charts today and help our customers achieve radio hit quality.

With our Billboard and UK top 40 chart experienced producers you will always achieve top notch musical performances.


Our in-house sound designers are there for the product from its earliest stages, such as recording sessions, to the very end, when producing a demo beat to showcase the loops & samples is a rewarding and creative experience for everyone involved in the project.

Sound resources that constitute the basis of each product are recorded at world-class studios with high quality pre-amps using SSL 4000 console. A variety of studio rooms and cooperation with highly skilled musicians allows us to capture performances in different environments. Professional microphones are used for stereo imaging and room capturing. Once the audio material is recorded and selected, its sculpting process takes place, until the sound of kicks, snares, toms, guitars, pianos and other instruments or sound sources is truly flawless.

The products available in the “Loops” category represent our team’s melodic side. Our academic background in Ethnomusicology allows us to constantly discover new sources of inspiration all around the world, turning Slavic ethnic singing, Chinese two-string instrument erhu, Moroccan percussion and other examples of our common musical heritage into state-of-the-art building blocks for modern music production.

We take pride in our team. Our producers have been putting their hearts into each theme and rhythm pattern. Thanks to their exceptional work, ThaLoops client list includes:

RIHANNA ("Fading" - Drum Production) MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS ("Make the Money" - Drum Production) BLACK EYED PEAS ("One Tribe" - Drum Production) TIMBALAND ("Marching On" - Drum Production) DJ-LETHAL (Limp Bizkit, House of Pain) CARDIAK (50 Cent, Eminem, Rick Ross) JIMMY JOKER (RedOne production team) JAMES WILTSHIRE (Freemasons) DANIEL BILTMORE (MSSLCMND project /w Chad Hugo) DUKE DINERO (The Game, Skeme, Chinx Drugz) JACK D.ELLIOT (Kelly Rowland, Diane Warren) ARTURIA.COM (Analog Laboratory series) SOUNDSLATES.COM

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