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Danjarous Drums 1

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Danjarous Drums – The series of unique drum samples in the style of Danjahandz, Timbaland and The Neptunes. Recorded at the world-class music studio using variety of PRO microphones and pre-amps. Recordings of hip hop drums were sculpted by the producers to create the sound matching today’s popular music sound criteria.

Offering two Drum Sets which include 24 Kick, 24 Snare, 24 Side- stick, 12 Hi-hat, 12 Percussion and 6 Cymbal samples. Also the Shot set includes multi- sampled Big tom, Bass Drum and Hi-hat ranging with dynamic variety of samples so it is easy to create a live performance of the instruments.

Drum Samples Folders

“Danjarous Bass Drum”
“Danjarous Big Tom”
“Danjarous Hatz”
“Danjarous Drum Set 1”
“Danjarous Drum Set 2”