Pardon My French

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Download “Pardon My French” vocal loops for hip-hop music production. Featuring unique vocal loops in wav/aiff formats programmed at tempos ranging from 98bpm to 150bpm, ThaLoops brings the hottest unique vocal loops you’ll find in hip-hop – “Pardon My French”! From sexy and charming calls to explosive shouts, the loop pack delivers a wide selection of percussive vocal grooves.

To set their tracks apart from the rest, producers like Kanye West, Timbaland or Diplo (e.g SIA’s “Elastic Heart”) often use foreign, unorthodox, bizarre vocal samples in their productions. With “Pardon My French” we bring you rhythmic recitative vocal loops where the percussive instrument is french female phrases and chants.

Each of the 50 vocal loop themes comes in 4 versions: “original”, “dry”, “original nuked” and “dry nuked” loops. Original loops contain all of the multi-effect processing (delay/reverb/flange), whereas dry loops allow you to apply your own effects. Nuked versions are the special secret sauce loops. We’ve ran the loops through the legendary analog gear such as Empirical Labs Distressor and Studer tape machine on super hot settings, hence the word – nuked. Use these nuked loops in parallel to the main loops for adding the analog warmth or just as a cool effect in your bridge/intro. In addition to loops, 64 one-shot samples of words and phrases are also provided (nuked versions, too!).

List of phrases and words used for the loop pack (with translation):

Allez – Go Ahead
Oui – Yes
d’accord – Okay
Oui c’est moi – Yes it’s me
Encore – Again
On est pret – We’re ready
Tu es foux – You’re crazy
La bas – Over there
Ici – Right here
Au jour-d’hui – Today
Demain – Tomorrow
Samedi oh – Saturday oh
Tout le monde – Everybody
Va t’en – Go away
Frere – Brother

Sœur – Sister
Mes freres – My brothers
Mes seurs – My sisters
Allume – Alight
L’espoir – Hope
Merde – S*it
Pardon – Sorry
Tres bien – Very good
Ca fait du mal – It hurts
Non – No
Comment – How
Ca va – It’s okay
Tu sais – You know
Tu ne sais pas – You don’t know

Tail versions included:

This loop pack also comes with tail versions of the processed loops, letting you to end a loop with the decay of the applied effect (reverb/delay).

Product Details:

• 200 Vocal Loops ( 50 Original, 50 Original Nuked, 50 Dry, 50 Dry Nuked)
• 128 One-shot Vocal Samples ( 64 Dry, 64 Dry Nuked versions)
• Acid Loops .WAV
• 328 Files / 783mb
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free