Apple Loops / Garageband Loops

Check out our range of Apple Loops for instant Download. Get instant Download links to loops for use in Garageband or Logic Pro X software. If you have any questions regarding our Sample Packs for Garageband and Logic Pro, contact us here.

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  • Modern Hip Hop Producer

  • Timbo Hip Hop Loops 3

  • Timbo Hip Hop Loops

  • Timbo Hip Hop Loops 2

  • King’s Beats

    thaloopsKing's Beats
  • Pardon My French

  • Mad Chemist

    thaloopsMad Chemist
  • Trippin’ Percussion Loops

  • Beaty Rhythmz

  • Classical Trap Loops 1


What is Apple Loops format?

These are audio recordings of musical patterns (drum loops, guitar riff…) that can be played in a constant repeat mode, over and over. This technology allows to change key and tempo of the loop file. That way you can match a song key or tempo within Logic Pro X or Garageband software. Many other digital audio workstations also support the format. The file extensions are .aiff or .aif

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