RnB Piano Loops 1

RnB Piano Loops 1


Sound design & music
by Richard Cherenkov.

RnB Pianos 1 - Piano Riffs and Melodies Loop-set: 420 top hit-sound RnB piano loops and melodies of professionally composed themes by UK top 40 and Billboard producers standards, Thaloops presents "RnB Pianos 1".With a wide range of soulful piano loops, we are bringing the anticipated music piano loops library fo RnB music production. The intimate, sexy and emotional chord progressions from the loopset are capturing the soul and atmosphere of RnB. These chord progressions, musical phrasing gets you into the world of RnB inspiration sounds. Every theme is today's TOP charts worthy! Academically precise but with a true soul. Educated piano performers gave their heart into this music loops collection, this way providing your productions with a golden musical ideas. Major or minor, minimal or complex chord progressions from 'RnB Pianos 1' delivering the stylish sound for your productions.

No doubt about the importance of accompanying pianos for classy RnB , Pop or Hip hop hit songs. Pour your own melodic vibes with the chord progressions from the loop-set. You are closer to the greatest hits that your fans will remember and continue singing on. Classy but Original piano riffs will let your music stand apart and be noticed by many listeners, make your songs legendary nr. 1 hits. 'RnB Pianos 1' includes clear light piano sound and producer sound separated into two folders. Producer sound provides piano loops within various keyboard, strings, rhodes, wah-wah, flange effected layers where light sound is a clear piano sound.

'RnB Pianos 1' is organized into 3 today's top music matching industry tempos: 100bpm, 110bpm and 120bpm. Every tempo folder includes 5 original piano loop themes within 8 chord variations and 4 melodic piano loops. In total making 420 loops across the entire loop-set of various original piano riff ideas!

Loop files name’s example:

Loops from Theme 1, 100bpm tempo are naming:

"Main1" = 1 100 MAIN1.wav

"Main2" = 1 100 MAIN2.wav

"Main3" = 1 100 MAIN3.wav

"Main4" = 1 100 MAIN4.wav


"Melody4" = 1 100 MELO4.wav

"Variation1" = 1 100 VARY1.wav

"Variation2" = 1 100 VARY2.wav


“Producer sound” folder include loops of pianos layered with strings, pads and other matching instruments. “Light sound” folder contains light piano sound for ballad songs. The loop package contains a variety of themes separated by the type of sound. Over FOUR HUNDRED loops give the producer a FREEdom of creating PRO R'n'B chord progressions! All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

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