Timbo Hip Hop Loops 2

Timbo Hip Hop Loops 2


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We present you the continuation of our Timbo loops series - 10 multitrack construction kits. This pack includes 303 Timbaland production style loops in 24bit Acid Loops WAV and Apple Loops AIFF formats (536MB size for each format). The loop-set was produced using tha vibe and techniques that legendary producer Timbaland use. Download acoustic kicks, snappy snares, organic sound effects, conventional instruments, raw analog synths and more. We've covered both rhythmic and melodic elements of the timbo sound palette, where acoustic and digital sounds meet.

Download 10 fully produced and mixed multi-track beats, provided with hook and verse parts for easy full song construction. Each beat theme includes separated drum loops, string loops, bass loops, synth loops, percussion loops, effects loops as well as soloed kick & snare loops. All audio files come in acid loops and apple loops formats allowing users to stretch loops to the desired tempo. Beat theme tempos range from 69bpm to 147bpm.

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Tempos and Keys

Beat 11 - 088BPM, C#
Beat 12 - 094BPM, Bm
Beat 13 - 087BPM, A#m
Beat 14 - 147BPM, F#m
Beat 15 - 107BPM, A#m
Beat 16 - 080BPM, C
Beat 17 - 098BPM, G#m
Beat 18 - 104BPM, Cm
Beat 19 - 069BPM, Am
Beat 20 - 104BPM, A#m

Example File Naming for Beat/Theme 18

18_TIMBO_104BPM Folder:
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_drums.wav (drum mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_drumstop.wav (drum top, no kick mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_instruments.wav (all instruments, no drums mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_kick&snare.wav (kick&snare solo mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_orch.wav (orchestra and choir sample mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_perc.wav (percussion only mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_scratch.wav (scratch mix)
"Hook1" = 18M1-104_strings.wav (strings section mix)

"Hook2" = 18M2-104_drums.wav (drum mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_drumstop.wav (drum top, no kick mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_instruments.wav (all instruments, no drums mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_kick&snare.wav (kick&snare solo mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_orch.wav (orchestra and choir sample mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_perc.wav (percussion only mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_scratch.wav (scratch mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_strings.wav (strings section mix)
"Hook2" = 18M2-104_vox.wav (ethnic vocals section mix)

"Verse1" = 18V1-104_drums.wav (drum mix)
"Verse1" = 18V1-104_drumstop.wav (drum top, no kick mix)
"Verse1" = 18V1-104_instruments.wav (all instruments, no drums mix)
"Verse1" = 18V1-104_kick&snare.wav (kick&snare solo mix)
"Verse1" = 18V1-104_perc.wav (percussion only mix)

"Verse2" = 18V2-104_drums.wav (drum mix)
"Verse2" = 18V2-104_drumstop.wav (drum top, no kick mix)
"Verse2" = 18V2-104_instruments.wav (all instruments, no drums mix)
"Verse2" = 18V2-104_kick&snare.wav (kick&snare solo mix)
"Verse2" = 18V2-104_perc.wav (percussion only mix)
"Verse2" = 18V2-104_scratch.wav (scratch mix)

"Verse1&2" = 18V-104_orch.wav (orchestra and choir sample mix)
"Verse1&2" = 18V-104_strings.wav (strings section mix)

Format Compatibility

24bit ACIDized WAV stereo, 24bit Apple Loops AIFF stereo.

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