Cello Shots

Cello Shots


Cello 1 samples Collection - Cello Riffz and Bitez 506 one-shot acoustic cello samples programmed in 5 software sampler formats & .WAV. The collection includes various Cello riffs, bites, bends, effects, hits matching hip-hop, dub-step, pop music production and features over 500 cello licks, chops, and chords. This Cello 1 sample library gives users the material to be manipulated into unique cello riffs, melodies instantly! The 'Cello 1' sound-set is made out of Thaloops professional acoustic cello recordings played by an academically trained musician. The Cello samples were performed at 4 wide range tempos (90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm, and 120bpm) including 5 key signatures throughout the sample pack(A, C, D, E & G). 'Cello 1' provides acoustic analog cello string timbres to rock your music productions!

Cello 1 with over 500 one-shot cello samples are divided into 21 musical themes . The presets were programmed for an easy keyboard layout use by alternating one-shot single and multi notes. Create music intuitively by adding the sound of a classy cello. The sound-set features 4 tempos (90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm, and 120bpm) and in 5 key signatures (A, C, D, E & G) giving you a variety of sound material for sequencing with 21 cello presets!

File names:

Example of cello sound file’s naming from theme 1 in the 120 BPM folder:

"Sample 01" = HC01_120_G_01.wav

"Sample 02" = HC01_120_G_02.wav


"Sample 23" = HC01_120_G_23.wav

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