Over the past couple of months we’ve been making various free hip hop sample packs. We gathered the most of them in one list.

Every producer knows that one of the ways to make sure your beat stands out and catches listener’s attention is to have  a source of various samples and loops that sounds professional and triggers instant creativity. It’s crucial to have high-quality audio samples if you want to produce professionally sounding beats.

So, there are two main musical parts in the production of a song. Rhythmic and melodic. Rhythmic part cover samples and loops of instruments such as drums, percussion, effects. For the melodic part it would be anything that plays a melody.

808s are almost a no-brainer to make a beat sound big nowadays. But quite often producers make a mistake by using low-quality samples. And you can’t blame them, cause to notice if the 808 sample is good or not you have to check it on a professional and tuned 2-stereo monitor system with a subwoofer.

This list of free hip hop sample packs by ThaLoops was created in order to help you with the right sample choice as well as providing you material of fresh inspiration. Download these packs by ThaLoops for free. Enjoy!

Thirsty Sample Pack

Download our first free collection of hip hop production sounds that we made. This pack includes the best picks from our premium pack releases. These sounds go well for creating hip hop, modern rnb and pop tracks.

Thirsty sample pack includes:

  • 10 808 samples
  • 11 drum loops
  • 21 ethnic instrument samples
  • 16 acoustic guitar samples
  • 15 kick samples
  • 13 percussion loops
  • 30 percussion samples
  • 18 snares and claps
  • 4 synths/fx
  • 7 melody loops
ThaLoopsThirsty Free Hip Hop Sample Pack Demo
Aris Free Drum Loops

Download drum loops inspired by Timbaland productions. Lots of syncopating percussion loops and timbo style kicks. The clap pattern loops created the same way we created clap loops for Rihanna’s “Fading” song production.

  • 30 Drum loops for Modern RnB, Hip Hop production
  • 20 Clap pattern loops
  • 20 Kick samples
Richard CherenkovAris Rhythms Free Drum Loops and Samples
Juicy Sample Pack

We wanted to make a free hip hop sample pack mimicking the production techniques of three beats by Drake, Juice WRLD and J. Cole. It has drums, guitar and synth melodies reminiscent of the aforementioned artist styles.

Download over 50 .wav hip hop loops.

Alien 808 samples

You will get the professionally designed 808 samples that will sit nicely at the bottom of your mix. Use these premium quality 808 samples that beatmakers are already using for their radio-ready sounding beats. Galaxy-class alien sound engineers worked on these samples using gear we haven’t seen before.

ThaLoops - Alien 808 Samples Demo Beat

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