Top music producers and sound engineers rely on a big collection of drum samples in their library. And not only hip hop, trap or EDM producers do that. It’s widely known that even in genres like heavy metal and hard rock sound engineers layer drum samples over the live recording of the drums (just listen to the works of the legendary Bob Rock or Randy Staub).

Most of the time (if the song is not an acapella or a classical piece) drum samples are a backbone of a great sounding mix, and fresh drum samples have always been in high demand. Having access to HQ downloads of free drum kit collections will always be a sacred resource, as this is what helps producers fast-track the quality of their beats. 

Often a cool sound of a snare/clap or a kick inspires a producer to make a beat. Or just changing the sample of the kick in a beat that has been already produced makes a day and night difference in quality. And that means—just by changing a couple of samples of the drum kit section you can even revitalize your 5 year-old demos and make them sound fresh, quickly.

So if you’re working on your computer and making urban genre beats like hip hop, trap, HQ drum samples is a must. Nothing will translate the grooves that you have in your mind into the ears of your fans like percussion samples, kicks, snares, hi hats recorded in world-class studios and designed by experienced sound designers. 

Although almighty search engines are doing a great job to help producers find high-quality drum samples, sometimes this process just steals from your beat-making time.

This sacred list has been made to help you save time, so you can start making beats ASAP!

Aris Free Drum Loops

This free drum kit pack was made inspired by Timbaland rhythms. Rhythmic clap patterns can always add an extra layer that makes the drum section sound much more interesting.

  • 30 Drum loops for Modern RnB, Hip Hop production
  • 20 Clap pattern loops
  • 20 Kick samples
Richard CherenkovAris Rhythms Free Drum Loops and Samples
Alien 808 samples

We thought, let’s go nuts and design 808 kick samples that takes a up the full low-end spectrum and is on the verge of “explosion”. These 808 drum kit samples hit so hard you don’t need to ad no more other base instruments.

ThaLoops - Alien 808 Samples Demo Beat
Juicy Sample Pack

Juicy Hip Hop Sample Pack includes drum kit that you can use in fl studio, studio one, logic pro, pro tools and make Juice WRLD style beats. Download three construction style loops that has also drum packs to use in your own productions.

Thirsty Sample Pack

Thirsty is our biggest free pack featuring the best drum samples, 808 kits and music production samples for trap, hip hop, rnb and pop music. All samples were designed by ThaLoops and are 100% royalty free. Here is the list of drum kit samples included in the pack:

  • 10 808 samples
  • 11 drum loops
  • 15 kick samples
  • 13 percussion loops
  • 30 percussion samples
  • 18 snares and claps
ThaLoopsThirsty Free Hip Hop Sample Pack Demo

Free Drum Samples

Free MFB Tanzbar by Wave Alchemy 

68 high quality analog drums, including claps, bass drums, snare, toms. Also includes presets for Battery, Kontakt, NN-XT, Halion & SFz.

LinnDrum Tape drum samples by Wave Alchemy

Over 200 finesse vintage LinnDrum Tape sounds (claps, snares, kicks, toms, hi-hats, rims, cowbells, crashes and more)

Vintage classic drum machine samples by Music Machines

More vintage drum samples? Roland TR-808, Linn LinnDrum, Boss DR-55, Korg KR-55…you name it. All here.

Evolution virtual drum machine free drums by Wave Alchemy

Hundreds of high quality vintage drum machine drum samples. Can be used for a wide variety of genres.

Free Vinyl Drums by ModeAudio

kicks, snares, hi hats, claps, crackle, hiss and needle drops – the heavenly vinyl drums

Analog Drums by FatLoops

After listening, felt like a good collection for The Neptunes type beats

Trap Drums by Fatloops

Glitchy trap drum samples designed for trap, hip hop. Also can be used for EDM productions.

Glitch FX Drums by Fatloud

8 bit sounds that will fit any genre you are producing.

Ravernator Kick Drums by Ametrine audio

1. 130 kicks

2. 639 variations!

Analog Drum Samples from Mars by Samples from Mars

Carefully selected and recorded wavs from a huge selection of legendary synthesisers, a must have.

Electronic kick drum samples by 99sounds

The collection of electronic kick drum samples crafted by 8-bit Logic, includes 120 key labeled bass drum samples in total. Also features NKI presets for Kontakt.

Hip Hop Drum Kit by AKT Aktion Drumz

“Loud and proud” hip hop drum sounds (stabs and hits also included)

Free acoustic drums #1 by Bad Racket

Professionaly recorded 22” Gretsch birch kick drum using 4 microphones. Will be good for layering with synthetic kick and adding the live vibe to your beats.

Free acoustic drums #2 by Bad Racket

Full drum kit samples (kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom, cymbals and extra room mic recordings)

Free Drum Samples by Samplefino

Wav and kontakt free drum samplers – royalty free.

Free Drum Kit by DJ-Pain 1

Get a drum kit the legendary DJ Pain 1 used in the new Ludacris song “Money,” featuring Rick Ross. It’s free, hurry up and download before that link disappears!

Voxengo Drum Service Cymbals by Voxengo

Download free “Tidal” quality 96khz 24-bit stereo cymbal samples, great raw material to create reverse swooshes, fx build ups in your beats.

Acoustic Drum Samples by Judd Madden

Over 100 of acoustic drum samples. Layer with any analog drums sounds and create unique snares or kicks.

DW Collectors Kit lite by Indie Drums

People often enjoy natural grooves and sounds in electronically produced music. Add realism to your tracks with this free kit.

House Drum Loops by HIghlifesamples

If you ever need house rhythmz – that’s a cool free pack.

Trance kick samples by Markus Hakal

Should someone try a trance kick in hip-hop beat? If so, try these kick samples by Markus Hakal.

Free TR66 Samples by Bassadelic

Drum sounds straight from the 70’s, recorded to a cassette, ran through Amplex Valve tape machine provided in WAV format.

PurpleDrums by Symplesound

A free selection of samples inspired by Prince’s definitive “Minneapolis” drum sound

Citroen C4 hits by VSTbuzz

Yes, this pack is made of foley sounds of a car …creative.

let us know if some of the links expired and we’ll keep updating this resource, too. Bookmark this page to stay in a loop!