Danjarous Drums 2


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Danjarous Drums 2 The continuation of the unique “Danjarous Drumz” samples in the style of Danjahandz, Timbaland and The Neptunes. Recorded and designed for todays’ music production. Recordings were edited by Thaloops producers to create the drum sound that appears in radio hits. The sound kit also showcases Thaloops signature sounding drums. Offering 50 Kicks, 50 Snares, 51 percussion, 86 claps and 113 Beat Vox samples – that’s 355 original drum samples!

Samples are organized into 5 main folders: “BeatVox”, “Claps”, “Drum Set 3″,”Drum Set 4″,”Drum Set 5”. “BeatVox” sounds are offered within two kits. Both kits include vocal kicks, percussion and snares for easy beatvox beat production. Claps folder includes Ambient, Plastik, Snappy and Vintage type of sounds. Covering wide range of sounds “Danjarous Drumz 2” can be used for a large variety of popular genres: Hip hop, R’n’B, Dance, Europop, Pop-rock and many more.

Drum Samples Folders

Danjarous BeatVox

Danjarous Claps

Danjarous Drum Set 1

Danjarous Drum Set 2

Danjarous Drum Set 3

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