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"You're mine" by Phantogram

"Elastic Heart" by SIA

"Sweet Talker" by Jessie J

'Ethnic Voices Bundle' by ThaLoops includes three of their highly acclaimed vocal sample packs in one. Get unique ethnic vocal samples that have already inspired renowned music producers worldwide. Whether you are producing Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, Techno, Trip Hop, IDM or Avant-Pop, this bundle of beautiful vocals will help your tracks stand out.

These vocals are very versatile and blend modern with the traditional. These aren't your typical old-school traditional ethnic sounds - they're playful, modern, powerful and contain male and female voices. You'll find vocals that use hundreds of years old chest resonating technique and loops that have been specifically programmed to create an unlimited number of riffs.
On top of this, there is extra material of traditional Chinese voice samples performed with a stringed instrument, the erhu plus the ritual singing of Buddhist temple monks accompanied by percussive instruments. This bundle is pretty special!
"The samples that ThaLoops makes are quite different and unique. I especially found the ethnic vox packs, very useful!"
- Gill Chang (EDM producer)
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Product Details:
Ethnic Voices 1:
• 8 Theme Folders
• 330 Individual WAV Files (Including Additional Processed Versions)
• Kontakt .NKI /Battery .KIT / Soundfont .SF2 / Reason NN-XT .SXT / Halion .FXP
Ethnic Voices 2:
• 9 Theme Folders
• 223 Individual WAV Files (Including Additional Processed Versions)
• Kontakt .NKI/Battery .KIT/Soundfont .SF2/Reason NN-XT .SXT/Halion .FXP
Ethnic Voices 3:
• 5 Themes (Phrases/Adlibs/Chants)
• 112 Files
• WAV Format
• 5 Soundfont Instrument Presets
• 12 VIP Loops
• One-Shot Samples