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Baby vocal samples

Loaded with 126 baby vocal samples & chants, ThaLoops delivers vocal sample pack for modern music production. Explosive chants & screams, eerie commanding phrases, words and more. BABYVOICE brings you an instant ignition to get productive!

All baby vocal samples are processed with saturation, delays, reverbs, panning and other creative techniques, so that each sample sounds unique. Fill in the adlib style gaps, add accent to the downbeats or play melodies with the devilish "laah". The ways to apply these baby vocal samples are limitless.

Creating captive mood with these vocal samples is effortless. Add fire to your beats with the BabyVoice vocal chants library by ThaLoops.

List of phrases / file names included in the pack:

"BreathIn-1" (fx)
"BreathIn-2" (fx)
"BreathIn-3" (fx)
"BreathIn-4" (fx)
"BreathIn-5" (fx)
"BreathIn-6" (fx)
"BreathIn-7" (fx)
"DevilLaugh" (fx)

"Flyover" (fx)
"Now-UnderWater" (fx)

"SpaceInhale" (fx)
"Squeeek" (fx)

Product Details:

• 126 One-shot Vocal Samples
• 76mb
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

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