Míol Mór Strings

Míol Mór Strings


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Tell a story with Míol Mór strings.

Mesmerising bowed strings pushed to the limits of modern sound design - Míol Mór delivers a powerful cinematic sound of orchestral strings. Processed stabs, breathtaking drones and bends, taking the modern music production to the edge of the unheard sonic realms. From melancholy to raging animosity, ingrain your music with the epic sounds effortlessly. Add the cinematic feel to hip hop, drill, trap, pop music productions.

The pack also includes drum samples and loops, perfectly designed for instant high quality beat creation.

Samples and loops.

  • 37 loops - 4 basses, 9 string drones, 13 string melodies, 3 pad loops, 5 percussion loops, 1 drum fill, 2 hi hat loops.
  • 17 drum samples - 4 808 basses, 2 claps, 5 hi-hats, 5 kicks, 1 percussion shot reverb.
  • 31 one-shots - 2 FX, 2 moog basses, 5 string bends, 18 string stabs, 4 pads.
  • .zip file size: 122 MB
  • 100% royalty free

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